Iinvitedyoutoparticipateinthe21stsessionoftheIranianinternationaloilandgasrefiningandequipmentexhibition_乐虎国际官方网游戏 Iinvitedyoutoparticipateinthe21stsessionoftheIranianinternationaloilandgasrefiningandequipmentexhibition_乐虎国际官方网游戏 
I invited you to participate in the 21st session of the Iranian international oil and gas refining and equipment exhibition
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In early May 2016, I was invited to participate in the 21st International Oil and Gas Refining & Equipment Exhibition, which opened in Tehran on May 5 for a period of four days.
Since its founding in 1995, the Iranian Oil and Gas Exhibition has been held for 19 consecutive years and has grown to become the largest and most influential exhibition of oil, gas and petrochemicals in Iran and the Middle East. meeting.
    As we all know, Iran is rich in oil and gas resources, the oil industry is quite developed, is the pillar industry of Iran's own country. The large-scale construction of large-scale oil and gas projects in Iran and the maintenance and regular updating of the production equipment being used will create an excellent opportunity for China's oil, gas and petrochemical production enterprises to export to the Iranian market. The level of China's oil equipment Technology to adapt to the Iranian market, into the Iranian market, steadily expanding market share of the trade prospects are very broad.
May 5 at 9: 30 points, the opening of the show, responsible for the exhibition staff arrived on time venue, and actively strive to complete their own responsibility. Well-designed booth layout to promote and promote the Chinese instrument as the focus, attracting the majority of exhibitors, the event atmosphere of the atmosphere, the first day of consultation on the amount of consultation reached hundreds. During the four-day event, the event ended successfully with the careful organization and solidarity of the exhibitors.
Company leaders have always attached great importance to the exhibition work. This exhibition general manager Liu Qifu is personally to participate in, fully embodies the company's attention to the Iranian market. The trip not only to consolidate the company's existing relations of cooperation, but also to explore a large number of potential customers, to lay the foundation for the development of the Iranian market. The company vowed to "talent as a fundamental to the quality of the cornerstone of the market-oriented, customer-centric, customer-centric" concept of practical to the exhibition, won the experts and the majority of exhibitors at home and abroad praise, and further Enhance the "Feizhuo" brand awareness and reputation. Company employees will make persistent efforts to work together to promote the company's brand image of unremitting efforts, I believe the company's development will be a higher level.