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TITAN ATRATO flowmeter appeared in the Chinese market
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With the development of industry, the accuracy and scope of flow measurement requirements are getting higher and higher, flow measurement technology is also rapid development. If the accuracy of the flowmeter is not accurate enough, it can not collect accurate data and implementation of monitoring, not only will have a negative impact on production, but also lead to a series of security risks. Japan's earthquake triggered Fukushima nuclear leak incident is a good example: Fukushima first nuclear power plant unit 1 reactor main steam pipe flowmeter data measured in 1979 to 1998, 28 times has been tampered with. Therefore, high precision, responsive and affordable flowmeters are particularly important for industrial producers. ATRATO is the UK TITAN company through the University of Cranfield with the Department of Process Engineering 8 years of research and cooperation, the successful development of ultra-small flow of ultrasonic flowmeter. It is widely used in experimental testing, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical, beer drinks, metrological calibration, semiconductor factories, leakage measurement, flow alarm and other fields. ATRATO has become a new market leader with its ultra-small flow, coaxial signals and the ability to achieve ideal timing accuracy. Its performance to better meet the needs of industry users, to the flow meter to create more market space. ATRATO has the following features: First, advanced ultrasonic technology to ensure that ATRATO in the full range, full specifications of the high precision, the measurement range than 200: 1, accuracy is better than ± 1.5%. , The pressure is higher than 10bar, time difference measurement accuracy can reach 250 picoseconds, which can ensure that the flow meter measurement accuracy. This has reached an unprecedented level of technology in the field of flowmeters and is currently a leader in Europe. Second, the difficulty of smooth fine pore structure, contribute to the flow of liquid to ensure that its measurement of ultra-small flow. Third, USB interface and supporting software to achieve online testing. Users can connect directly to the computer through the USB interface, through the computer interface to detect traffic and cumulative traffic, change the operating parameters, such as units, pulse resolution. If the flow and accumulated flow and analog signal board are occupied, programming and operation can be done directly from the computer. Operation and measurement data statistics can be recorded, playback and so on. In 2011, TITANATRATO flowmeter strong landing in the domestic market, the Chinese auto mall shocked to the preferential prices and good quality of service after the strong feedback, super to force! A new round of flow meter buying trend will be in the China Automation Mall grand opening! All new and old users can click to enter http://www.automation.com.cn/event/titan/ start crazy buy ATRATO flow meter trip! A limited number of first-come, first-served basis China Automation Online Mall (www.zidong001.com) is a commitment to the realization of China's industrial and agricultural automation of goods suppliers, is a professional automation products and systems network direct marketing platform, as always, to provide users with the most cost-effective industrial products and high Quality service guarantee. China Automation Mall all the goods are clearly price, at any time can compare the price of other channels, and at any time in accordance with the price of orders to buy, consumers do not have to worry about in the China Automation Mall will spend money! China Automation Mall to achieve global procurement, suppliers of layers of screening, and strictly control the supplier into, evaluation, elimination and other mechanisms. China Automation Mall are well-known brands of products, all through a rigorous quality and safety inspection certification, eliminating the worries of consumers. China Automation Mall with fair and transparent prices, good reputation protection, and improve after-sales service system, professional technical support, a network of China's automation industry direct marketing leader.