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Level gauge driven the development of China's valve industry
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With the development of the capacitor level gauge in China's valve industry, the capacitive level gauge valve varieties are also increasing, the application of the valve industry is also more and more, such as liquid level petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear power industry, thermal power Industry and so have a wide range of use. The use of the valve is very wide, many companies have used in the level gauge, which fully shows the development of the valve is very fast, good prospects. Refining industry: China's refining industry after 60 years of development, capacitive level gauge production scale expanded rapidly. So in this area to continue to introduce new products, new equipment to meet the market demand. In addition to this level switch, the construction industry and the special industry need to apply the valve.
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Petrochemical industry petrochemical industry competition has been very intense, the requirements of the liquid level valve equipment is also the most stringent, the future of the valve will be combined with industrial automation, to promote the level of the overall level of transmission equipment to improve the development of multi-functional, high efficiency, Petrochemical valve equipment. And more and more industry applications have more new requirements on the valve, the valve quality and technical requirements are getting higher and higher, the following will take you to look at the valve in the industry in the development prospects. In a series of policy measures to promote the 2010 China's refining industry output and production continued to grow, gradually adjust the structural adjustment, inheritance to maintain a good momentum of development.
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Nuclear power industry: valve level switch in this industry as a nuclear power equipment, infrastructure, roughly 5-10% of the capacity. In 2010, the refining industry achieved an output value of 242.52 billion yuan, an increase of 38%. So we can see that China's oil refining industry, the application of a huge market space. China's level switch will inherit its nuclear power development plan, in 2015 and 2020 nuclear power installed capacity reached 40GW and 75GW, China will be around mid-2012 to restart the approval of new nuclear power projects. China's petrochemical enterprises in the annual output value of 100 billion, which shows that China has a large valve market, we should change from the perspective of the market to consider, to ensure stability and development.