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My fate I call the shots!
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As an entrepreneur, in addition to Xiongcai slightly slightly, chest stretch, more important is the eloquence, with a good eloquence, can dial the hearts and minds, no war and subdue the soldiers. But with a good eloquence and want to take the service, the most important thing is still the hearts of love.
Show the spirit of enterprise style, the development of public welfare civilization. By the "three minutes speech hall" sponsored by the entrepreneurial public speech ceremony on October 19 at the Shanghai Jiaotong University Auditorium was held. The whole festival to the theme of "3 minutes speech, love dream" throughout, the significance of extraordinary, it is amazing.
The "Three Minute Lecture Hall" is the starting point for entrepreneurial achievement speaker's dream, from introductory speeches to sales speeches to incentive lectures. Not only can fully introduce themselves, their own companies and the company's products, but also better motivate staff, so that we learn to be grateful and responsible, from a person's growth, to the common growth of enterprises, pool enterprise energy, in order to achieve business value The
As the general title of this festival, our general manager Liu Qifu also participated in the event, published a "my fate I call the shots" theme of the wonderful speech, he was born in a poor village. No tuition on their own, no living costs still rely on their own, that is, such an environment, he has become the mountain out of the first college students, since then, he is more determined: fate is not God given, my fate I call the shots! After graduation after several years of turnover, and finally in 2004 with full of blood and determination and their own expertise and automation industry, a little professional knowledge, set up the Shanghai Feizhuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.. 10 years the company after suffering, full of wind and frost, but Liu always adhere to the dream of the year: to change China's industrial automation instrument industry by the status of foreign monopoly, and determined to lead the team to build their own automation instrument brand. Is such a dream infected person Fei Zhuo every employee, support the fly Zhuo today, with today's achievements!
Perhaps the other people at the meeting sounded, the presentation skills are not skilled, the speech is not perfect, but these words listen to each accompanied by flying Zhuo all the way to the staff ears, but let us difficult to be independent of the leader's unique Charm of the infection, want to applaud him, applauded for the fly, because my fate I call the shots!