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Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Limited

 Trina Solar Limited (TSL) is the world's largest supplier of PV modules and leading system integrators. The company was founded in 1997, 2006 in the United States listed on the NYSE. In 2014, the company's PV module shipments reached 3.66 GW, achieving sales revenue of $ 2.29 billion. Trina Solar's high-quality PV modules are used in the world and the grid and off-grid solar power stations, for the local people to bring a clean, reliable green power.

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Trina Solar Co., Ltd. since September 2015 from the procurement of magnetostrictive level meter series of products. Products are mainly used in the production of photovoltaic industry. Based on the trust of the product quality, Trina Solar Limited continues to increase the order of the magnetostrictive level gauge.